Hebrew Syntax

AreaSub AreaTitleContributorYearCite
Sentence StructureTense, Aspect, Mood and ModalityThe modal carix ‘need’Edit Doron2019cite
Sentence StructureTense, Aspect, Mood and ModalityThe modal yitaḵen ‘possible’Edit Doron2019cite
Sentence TypesRelative ClausesFree Relative ClausesMiri Bar-Ziv Levy and Vera Agranovsky2019cite
Phrasal StructuresAdjectival PhrasesThe SuperlativeYael Reshef2019cite
Phrasal StructuresCase and Prepositional PhrasesAccusative Existentials and PossessivesMoshe Taube2019cite
Phrasal structuresFocus ConstructionsThe Modern Hebrew affirmative focus and its possible Yiddish originNoa Bassel and Noam Faust2019cite
Phrasal StructuresNominal PhrasesNP-Strategy for Expressing ReciprocityElitzur Bar Asher-Siegal2019cite
Lexical UnitsNegative ConcordNegative Concord in Modern HebrewEinat-Haya Keren2019cite
MorphologyVerb TemplatesQuadriliteral Reduplicated Roots as a Semelfactive Aspectual MarkerVera Agranovsky2019cite